Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About "This is Good"

This is Good t-shirts are officially launched by TIG Creatives in early January 2011. TIG Creatives successfully formed and registered as a valid company for t-shirts and designs on late December 2010.

As a graduated students from UiTM, two young friends from Shah Alam found themselves in the need of doing business. At first was not for money making, but it is for educating young generations including his generations about good deeds, ethics, principle, and such. In the hope of putting away negativity in the community, they comes out with t-shirt idea. It is a psychological education mixed with trend and styles. The reasons why they comes out with the idea is that the t-shirt wearer can educate himself and others about good deeds and behaviours. "They will be like a walking-psychological-educator." Said one of the creator.

The man behind TIG Creatives and This is Good is Deus and Si Nakal. Deus is the man with the capital and ideas in TIG Creatives. He is a business addict. He start doing business since he still studying. For us, its normal for a student doing business while studying, but it is not for Deus. He's doing something else. Something big.

Moreover, Deus is also one of the writers in Sokerleaks blog. Yes, Deus also has his own blog. It is

The man with the "monstrous-imaginative hands" is Si Nakal. Same like Deus, Nakal involved in business starting from club t-shirt designs, and then further bloom to be a web-ads designer, poster / banner / bunting designer and many more. Among other professional designers out there, Si Nakal is still a small fry to them. A greenhorn. The perfect-amateur-crab hand. But hey, even if its ugly, it still an art! Right?

This is Good is a random line of word that accidentally comes out from Si Nakal mouth. Then, with huge amount of ideas runs through Deus brain, he suggested "Hey, lets make a t-shirt about that. Lets do business."

It started when some friends mocking and make fun of Si Nakal lifestyle. He is jobless, amateur freelancer who always stay in his room, and don't even have a girlfriend. For a response Si Nakal said: "Oh well, even in this state im still good. Its good. This is good!"

Deus, using this word, combine with positivity, and the need of educating young generations about good behaviour and positive thinking, and yeah, to make some business, suggesting to Si Nakal about making t-shirt.

The shirts were designed long ago. And it were posted in "This is good trial" page in Myspace, blog, and facebook. Usually there were 6 designs, but according to demand statistics, and following to the demand, only 4 were printed.

Don't forget to buy and make This is Good t-shirt as your personal collections now! ^_^